Difficulties with the Matriarch

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Difficulties with the Matriarch

Post by Karlsson » Fri Apr 12, 2024 6:48 am

Hallo there, yesterday I got myself a matriarch and I ha e experienced several problems...

Tje first one is, when I play in 4 voice mode and press the second or third key, the keys don't make sound as they should, instead they trigger the last note played. I found out that there are problems with hard sync, so maybe that's the reason.

Another problem would be that the modulation knob blinks fast, even when it's turned completely down. When I push the modulation wheel up, it instantly wobbles like crazy. Can I fix that with knob calibration?

My first problem might be just my own stupidity, also I think I'm on the way to fix it. Still, I'm not sure, where in the global settings I can fix it.

The second problem...I have tried knob recalibration, but I'm not sure if the midiox tool works properly (aka I am not sure if I understand how it works). I know the system from the Grandmother where I had to do the firmware updates with midiox. Now, they seem to have improved the firmware updates since they are done by a tool. So, is midiox still compatible? I can't find solutions to recalibrate the knobs with the new updater tool, so I guess it's still done by SysEx, right?


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