Asheville Music Tools - Moogerfooger Legacy

Plug in here for info tips and strategies for your Moogerfooger Analog Effects. Connect more than one for plenty of fun!
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Asheville Music Tools - Moogerfooger Legacy

Post by facon » Tue May 16, 2023 8:04 am

Has anybody checked out Hawker’s new pedal line? He was a designer of some of the Moogerfoogers (MF-104M, MF-108M, and more?). He is no longer at Moog, but is continuing to make incredible effects pedals.

I have the ADG-1 Delay and ACV-1 Chorus. Both of them are top notch. The expression/CV options are limited to 1 of 4 at a time, which is a bummer… but the size is very small and the sound quality IMO is possibly the best in the world for pedal format.

The ADG-1 Delay adds a tone knob. With it all the way down, it’s pretty similar to the MF-104M in long mode. With the tone all the way up, it’s in tape delay territory and the noise is not bad. I think it’s a little more percussive, but the depth in sound quality of this delay is just incredible. And it does the infinite repeats thing thanks to his use of an OPA in the feedback circuit.

The ACV-1 Chorus is a huge step up. IMO, the Clusterflux is amazing at flanging and pretty good at chorus. This takes chorus to an entirely new level. It’s almost impossible to make it sound bad. It goes from some flanger to slapback delay. He added a tone knob and a phase reversal switch to it, making it significantly more flexible.

In case you can’t tell, as a former Moogerfooger addict, I’m a huge fan lol. I only hope that these pedals will be successful and he’ll begin to experiment with more semi-modular options in pedal format.

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Re: Asheville Music Tools - Moogerfooger Legacy

Post by stiiiiiiive » Thu May 18, 2023 5:59 am

Will definitely have a look, thanks for the head-up Facon :)

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Re: Asheville Music Tools - Moogerfooger Legacy

Post by FeelinDank » Wed Jun 07, 2023 11:49 pm

I’ve definitely researched both of those pedals (plus the extended delay version). I honestly need to do more research on his delay with synthesizers and other instruments (besides guitar). I want to say he was involved with the MF-105m as well?

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