Some presets return no sound at all

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Some presets return no sound at all

Post by midest6 » Sun Apr 11, 2021 10:15 am

Dear all,
I am having this issue:
when I am browsing presets, some of them return no sound at all, especially the bass and the percussion ones.
What is really interesting is that when I use the headphones as the output source I am getting a nice fat sound and also from not of all the presets BUT when I am using the right and left outputs I am only getting sound out of a limited amount of presets.
I am using balanced cables for both occasions.
Is it a problem with the output board?
I really tried everything, went through the manual, reset the Voyager, reloaded the presets but still most of the presets just do not produce/return no sound at all.
The Voyager is my beloved gear..and here in Greece is extremely difficult to find something like a service station
Any help/advice is greatly appreciated...I am kind of lost and devastated...

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Re: Some presets return no sound at all

Post by till » Mon Apr 12, 2021 2:27 am

Some questions and tests:
Do you use the Voyager keybed for playing? If yes, undo all MIDI cables and test again.

If you use a external keyboard, disconnect the MIDI Output of the Voyager for some testing.

If you tested it via the keybed, try using a MIDI source. And if you use a external keybed, use the built in to test if this changes the symptoms.

Please name us a preset that does play fine and another that does not. So we can check if there are certain parameters used in one of them. Please use a factory preset. Both at the same bank (if possible). And also tell us the Bank and number for easier location.

What Firmware version are you using?
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