Matriarch: Control LFO Amount w/Aftertouch?

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Matriarch: Control LFO Amount w/Aftertouch?

Post by jplanet » Mon Apr 13, 2020 11:23 pm

I've been a bit frustrated trying to get this to work - I love to play leads using aftertouch to control vibrato, it's expressive and frees my left hand to play accompaniment while I play leads. However, I haven't had any luck getting this to work on the Matriarch.

I am assuming it's not possible at this point, but thought I'd give it a try here before giving up.

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Re: Matriarch: Control LFO Amount w/Aftertouch?

Post by Markyboard » Tue Apr 14, 2020 8:25 am

Real basic example- make the following patch connections:

LFO Wave Out>> Attenuator Input
Attenuator Out >>> Filter Cutoff 1 In (for example) or one of the oscillator FM inputs
KB AT CV Out (on rear panel) >> Attenuator CV Input

Dial in the attenuator knob amount to desired amount. If you want no modulation other than when AT is used set it to 0

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Re: Matriarch: Control LFO Amount w/Aftertouch?

Post by ortho » Sun Apr 14, 2024 1:21 pm

I realize this is an old thread but, the wiring and effort involved to get aftertouch to vibrato to work on the Matriarch is a mess.

- the aftertouch signal is way too strong

- the LFO signals are way too strong

- the attenuverters struggle to achieve the fine-resolution at minimal settings to tame the situations above.

If this is something you find yourself wanting, i just got an Intellijel Quad VCA that easily remedies all of these issues. You only need one channel of it, so you dont need this big 4x unit necessarily, it just happens to work prefectly.

The important thing for aftertouch to vibrato is CV scaling for the aftertouch and a non bi-polar control to more easily approach the 0-2% modulation range you need for vibrato. The main reason because it's easiest to find the zero mark because it's all the way counter clockwise. Finding this point on the Matriarch attenuverters is almost impossible and you get maybe one choice at best that is anywhere close to the right minimal amount.

EDIT: I misspoke: The Quad VCA has a level control, but it functions as an offset when it is patched with a CV input, so when used for aft-> vibrato it is just set to 0/CCW. I guess when you turn the CV scaling down on the Quad VCA it limits both the aftertouch AND the LFO modulation strength, which is what you need to accomplish this task. I was really confused which VCA to buy, and this one happens to work great for this and other useful things.

I had been doing this previously with 2 of those little scale-down adapters, which also worked ok, but maybe not as "professionally" as the Intellijel module. BUT the Quad VCA also works as a 4 channel mixer so to me it's an excellent addition to the Matriarch system.

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