selling: Fretless Moog Guitar Paul Vo original

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selling: Fretless Moog Guitar Paul Vo original

Post by asomatous » Sun Sep 03, 2017 7:01 am

so, due to a life crisis and change in direction I am having to sell absolutely everything, this included my beloved Moog Guitar ( red Paul Vo edition).
I play microtonal music so this has been defretted, hut I keptnall original frets sonthey can be re-inserted if you wish, although with the sustain on thisnitnmakws thebultimate fretless guitar.
I don't expect to get near the full price I paid because undortunately there are a few issues:

-Piezo pick-up on the E saddle stopped working and needs replacing
-there can be a noise depending on the pick-up selection.

a guy at Moog said I could send it for repair andnthey would charge ne only for parts, so shouldn't be very expensive but I don't have time so would rather sell it discounted and get my van.

considering these things can sell for £5000-£6000 I think that £1500 is a fair asking price even if the instrument needs a little work.

can be seen on Reverb if you search shop "asomatous", where I am also selling my orange amp and a very nice fretless bass

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Re: selling: Fretless Moog Guitar Paul Vo original

Post by sub guy » Thu Jan 04, 2018 1:46 am

Are you still selling the guitar?

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