MIDI Freezing/detuning Moog Gear [Help}

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MIDI Freezing/detuning Moog Gear [Help}

Post by benulous » Tue Jun 21, 2016 9:05 am

I've been running into a real problem with MIDI and my moog gear and I'm hoping someone here has cracked this nut...I've been writing/sequencing external hardware for many years and I've never had these persistent problems with any of my digital stuff. This is my first analog setup and my first time working with Moog products using MIDI...so, I believe I must be missing something.

I'm running Logic 9.1.8 on my 27" iMac and have 2 M-Audio USB MIDISPORT 4x4 interfacing to all my MIDI equipment. Logic will either let you send MIDI CLOCK to 2 devices or 'all' devices. I've tried both, but for now, I have it sending MIDI CLOCK to ALL. All I want to do is sequence my Voyager and keep the M32, Murf and Delays in sync.

Currently, all of my moog gear is having problems when sequencing them using logic as my DAW over MIDI.
1. Moog Voyager XL (running latest May 30, 2016 3.6 OS)= If I try to sequence something longer than a few measures, it will go out of tune and stay out of tune until I delete the sequence in logic and/or reset the sound/preset I'm working in. I'll record snippets into audio at a time while it's in tune as a work around. I have found random pitch chng messages being sent that I delete, but that's not always the case. Often I look at the sequence data and it's only note on/off messages. For recording shorter sequences, it will work fine, but when recording longer ones, it will always cause the voyager to go out of tune and I have to stop everything to reset the Panel Preset.
2. Moog Mother 32 = will randomly stop making sound. The lights will be blinking and the lights assigned to the buttons/knobs switches will be responding, but I have to hard (unplug/plug power) restart it to make sounds again. I know MIDI is the culprit because my other M32 (which is not being sent MIDI) never has a problem.
3. Moog MIDIMuRF MF105M (v1.9): Will suddenly stop passing audio and freeze up. I have to restart it and it works fine. Doesn't happen as often, but it happens enough.
4. Moog Analog Delay MF104M (v1.1.3) Will suddenly start sending LFO messages that detune the delay - even when the LFO amount is set to 0. I have to power it on/off to get it back to passing audio properly again...

Again, none of my other external hardware does this. Currently, I'm only sending MIDI Clock to everything except the Voyager - to which I'm also sending Note on/off messages. I'm not even doing any automation. I don't have tracks set up for the moogerfoogers. I can deal with the foogers okay because it's a simple enough fix, but my Voyager is a real Problem. It kills my whole flow because I want to use it as a main controller and sound device.

Anyhow, I'm hoping some of you can shed some light on this. I'm including a pic of my Audio Midi Setup to show how things are plugged up...
Here is what my MIDI set up looks like
Here is what my MIDI set up looks like
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Re: MIDI Freezing/detuning Moog Gear [Help}

Post by Wesley » Tue Jun 21, 2016 3:06 pm

Are you sending MIDI beat clock or MTC? MTC could cause problems. You only need beat clock.

If any devices use active sensing, turn it off or filter it out.

If you can, monitor the MIDI output from Logic. Maybe something else is being sent.

It sounds like your devices are being hit with a datastorm.

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Re: MIDI Freezing/detuning Moog Gear [Help}

Post by latigid on » Tue Jun 21, 2016 5:15 pm

Two quick guesses are that you are suffering some sort of MIDI loop or your interfaces aren't up to it (I had lag problems with a simple 2*2). Try just one MIDIsport, try connecting less devices at once to narrow down the problem, and try disconnecting the MIDI out from the synths (one at a time) back to the interface.

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