"standard way" to use the analog delay serie 500

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"standard way" to use the analog delay serie 500

Post by Chuchi » Fri Jun 06, 2014 6:54 am

Hi, while being not very lucky with my previous post :( I'll try anyway to post another question.
Back to the Moog analog delay, I've read extensively the manual and the "place or topic" where I am completely lost is the ones regarding midi codes....having never use any MIDI settings in my all life...and for a non professional, it seems not very user friendly or evident...
There is a thing that struggles me..On the tutorial video, the Moog analog delay is connected to an EQ and then to a compressor...Is it a peculiar case or is it advisable to make that precise setting to exlore the best of the delay....I may understand that the compressor would maybe give a kind of "potency" to the delay within the mix but I don't understand for the EQ...maybe to correct some unwanted frequencies not pleasant to ears ?? Would someone be so kind as to give me some lightening , it would be great :D

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Re: "standard way" to use the analog delay serie 500

Post by Alien8 » Sun Jun 15, 2014 1:16 am

EQ is an extensively useful tool. It is critical to use EQ techniques to convey instruments and space. When you are a strong engineer, you are able to pick mics and preamps to express a certain frequency curve. Following the delay with an EQ simply allows for better mix placement or as you say potency to the sound (or lack of too!)

Same for compression. When either tone tool is applied in a subtle way, the combining of various instruments and tambres begin to "mix" into a union of sound.

As for MIDI, totally separate discussion. Yes MIDI seems complex at first however it is really quite simple. Checkout the "Tweakheadz" beginner guide to MIDI to help. There are lots of other articles on the net, and throughout the Moog forum. Learning MIDI is worth the time - especially if you are using Logic to animate sound. MIDI can be used to control external gear, internal plugins, allow external gear to control plugins or any combination there of.
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