Mother-32 Tempo problem

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Mother-32 Tempo problem

Post by tomf » Thu Jun 06, 2019 5:19 am


I have a trigger going from ym Roland TR-08 trigger out, to the Tempo in on the mother32. In the setup of the mother32 i have set the Tempo input to 'single clock advance mode'.

I program a sequence on the mother32, hit play in ableton and it with triggers on the TR08 it all plays ok. But when i stop the sequence on the Mother32 (to program a new sequence for instance) - Then the tempo goes really slow. If i program a new sequence and press run on the mother32 it now advances each step super slow.
I have to take the tempo jack out, crank the tempo knob up and down, then put the tempo jack back in and it's back in sync with ableton/TR08.

It seems to be as soon as you press 'reset + shift + pattern' to clear the current pattern, the tempo goes super slow and you have to trick it back to listening for the triggers again.

This can't be right surely?

Any help and advice would be great.


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