Broken traces on the main boards

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Broken traces on the main boards

Post by Muranese » Tue May 07, 2019 1:50 pm

Hello all Moog-tech´s out there.
Does anybody know the circuitry inside a Moog Little Phatty and can lend a helping hand?

I have just bought a broken LP Tribute Edition. The previous owner accidently broke the 36 pin CV connector between the two main boards while replacing some pots and some of the connector pads and traces were pretty badly damaged. But I have managed to replace the connector by soldering a flat cable instead and everything works fine except that the filter EGR Amnt and Octave selector for OSC2 does not affect the sound at all. However, the led´s do what they are supposed to do when turning the knob and pushing the button.
The filter envelope itself also seems to be ok as it works as a modulation source for ex. the pitch.
Since everything is so small, 36 solder pads on an 21mm wide space, I’d rather not mess with it more than necessary so I’m thinking of doing a quick bodge-wire test instead. Just to see if I can get it all to run properly.

Now to my question.
Does anybody know where on the boards I can find the filter EG Amnt CV out, and where the filter mod in might be, and where to find the CV (?) out for OSC2 octave selector, and where to connect it on OSC2?
I've asked Moog support for the schematic but I assume they wont let me have it.


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