Understanding Subphatty preset 2

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Understanding Subphatty preset 2

Post by hexeract » Thu Jan 30, 2014 10:02 pm

I'm trying to understand bank 1 preset 2

It's a repeating note when you hold it down and I can't figure out what makes it repeat. I thought it was an LFO effect, but it's not, and even with the editor plugged in I can't seem to make it stop repeating or change the repeating speed. Can someone clue me in here?

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Re: Understanding Subphatty preset 2

Post by Bald Eagle » Thu Jan 30, 2014 10:23 pm

Thats the FIlter Envelope Repeat hidden function. The speed is controlled by the filter envelop itself. The shorter the envelope times, the faster the loop repeats. To see how the time controls repeat speed slowly turn the filter envelope Release knob up and down while holding a key.

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Re: Understanding Subphatty preset 2

Post by till » Fri Feb 07, 2014 11:46 am

To stop this repeating use these steps:

- call the preset #2
- Go into extended parameter mode: press bank 4 button and hold it, and press then ACTIVATE PANEL. Let both buttons go.
- don't play on the keyboard now, as the keyboard is changing certain parameters
- select sound preset #3 button to light it up
- select sound #3 button to light it up (the sound won't change in this extended parameter mode)
- play the lowest white key (note C) to stop the filter envelope from repeating (or press the lowest black key (C#) to turn this on again)
- press ACTIVATE PANEL to leave this extended parameter mode
- store the sound if needed where ever you like. If you don't store it, it will be using the repeating effect again the next time you use preset #2.

Take 10 minutes to learn about the extended mode parameters in the manual. There are some nice hidden gems in there many other synths don't offer. Actually this was one reason to me to get the Sub Phatty besides its sound and compact size. These special parameters even let you change the overall sound by selecting less then 4 filter poles (extended mode bank #2, preset #1: lowest D# = 4-pole, lowest D = 3 pole, lowest C# = 2 pole, lowest C = 1 pole filter mode). Its like switching from one brand to another.
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Re: Understanding Subphatty preset 2

Post by breun » Sat Feb 08, 2014 1:17 pm

If you use the Sub Phatty Editor you can also enable/disable filter repeat (and all other 'under the hood' settings) directly without having to memorize or look up the key combos. (There is a handy cheat sheet though, for when you can't/won't use the editor.) If you click on the Moog logo on the bottom of the user interface you can open/close the 'under the hood' settings. If you open that view you can enable/disable REPEAT in the FILTER section.

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