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The Art of Backing Up Moog One

Posted: Sat Mar 02, 2024 7:42 pm
by strytten
Does anyone have any tips to help me with backing up my Moog One? If I try to backup my entire user space, it aborts early in the process. If I try to backup all my presets, it also aborts early in the process and sometimes completely reboots. I am using a relatively new SanDisk 12GB thumb drive that does not have any other files on it, but I have wondered if the thumb drive isn't fast enough or big enough and if that might be causing my problems.

I have had better luck importing presets using the same thumb drive (several great libraries purchased from 3rd parties - highly recommended).

Thanks in advance!

Re: The Art of Backing Up Moog One

Posted: Sun Mar 03, 2024 5:51 pm
by MLohmeyer
Try reformatting the thumb drive. I was having some issues with the thumb drive that came with my Moog One, and reformatting it solved the issue. Though my issues were on my computer, not on the One, regardless, many issues with thumb drives can be fixed by reformatting.

I didn't find a format function on the synth, though. Normally the recommendation is to format the drive on the device you will use it on, but in my case, I couldn't find that function (does not exist). So I reformatted it on my computer. Since the One is Linux based (as far as I understand), it probably doesn't matter because LInux uses standard drivers that are more compatible with other computers, whereas normally when they say format on the device to be used with, it is because that device is using a less common driver and might have issues.

I may have changed the format from FAT to FAT16 or something like that as well. I don't remember exactly what format I used, but try the default for your computer and if that doesn't work, try a different FATxxx format.

Of course, trying a different USB stick is also advised with having such issues. A USB stick may seem to work for some functions, but then fail for others sometimes.