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Swapping out units in 2-tier rack

Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2024 1:26 pm
by hieronymous
A couple of years ago I bought the Moog Sound Studio with DFAM & Subharmonicon (glad I got it when I did since they are no longer available). I recently decided I'd like to have 2 DFAMs in the rack instead (still keeping the SubH) - it arrived yesterday and I got to work!

I couldn't find the original sheet explaining how to rack mount the units, but I don't think it would have helped, because you can't do one side first, then the other - you have to remove the entire unit, then insert the new one. It might not be that big a deal, but it's conceptually different so I thought I'd point it out in case anyone else decides to do something similar.

1) take the screws out of the rack mounted unit (bottom ones have washer, top ones don't)
2) remove the screws from the new unit and put them in the older one (at least 1-2 each side to hold it together)
3) insert new unit into rack - CAUTION: the sides (both wood & metal) will fall off if you're not careful
4) you might need to lift the unit around a bit to get the screws to fit

I managed it without tipping the rack on its side - I was actually pleasantly surprised how easily it went - just need to be careful and methodical. And I love having 2 DFAMs to work with!