Moog Model 15

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Moog Model 15

Post by christkenddy » Wed Mar 08, 2023 11:34 am

The first patch I've been able to sit down and really deconstruct -- Autobahn Bass -- is already paying pedagogical dividends. It uses two sawtooth waves with a third sawtooth an octave above -- but one of the lower waves is inverted. This turns out to be equivalent to pulse-width modulation. His Holiness Gordon Reid wrote about this technique in Synth Secrets, but it never really dawned on me how neat this trick is. So after getting the original patch close enough for my liking, I'm now experimenting with modulating the balance between the two waves in my Eurorack, which gives kindof a sawtooth-->PWM-->sawtooth crossfade. Damn this is fun.

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Re: Moog Model 15

Post by 11nikita11 » Mon Jun 05, 2023 6:31 am

In what language model 15 was made?

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