Are You Happy with Your Moog One? (Considering buying)

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Re: Are You Happy with Your Moog One? (Considering buying)

Post by noisebit » Wed Mar 03, 2021 5:46 pm

Subber37 wrote: Sun Feb 28, 2021 7:17 am Given all we now know about the lacklustre (generally) sound for an expensive analog synth, and ALL of the reported problems, combined with the sheer cost of the thing..

I would (and have) skipped the Moog One.

I've not long had a Prophet 10 Rev 4 in and it's SUBLIME. Everything tonally, build wise, reliability wise and 'ease of use' wise the moog one should have been at the base of it (then expand on that with all the extras the One has if you so desire).

Frankly, I think Moog missed the mark with the 'one' and designed it all wrong, for an audience that barely exists to do esoteric stuff most people would rather use much cheaper digital, or even software, to do while leaving analog hardware to just work fast, sound right and inspire you rapidly out of the box. THAT is what the Prophet 10 does (poly unison mode = heaven), and 10 voices over the P5 is more than enough and very enjoyable to play.

I've also owned a Prophet 6 and OB-6 and frankly, as nice as they were, they do NOT compare to the sheer depth of tone, vibe and feel of the new Rev 4 Prophets.

I would forget the One and get a prophet 10 for half the price. Spend the rest on other synths.

Now if Moog actually re-issued the Memory Moog ala the Prophet 5/10 rev 4s and didn't set ridiculous price points like the 'one' just cos it includes everything and the kitchen sink, they would have a total winner on their hands. It would have to sound just like the originals, look like them, feel like them but be of course a LOT more reliable! ;)

A re-issued memorymoog is what most of us wanted from a polyphonic moog anyway, not all that digital synth like depth with so many possibilities you just don't wanna use it (kinda like the Andromeda A6 also missed the point of a big fat sounding analog and went thin, sharp and overloaded with functions that just dragged it down).

If Moog have any sense and having seen the reception of the new Prophet rev 4s, they'll be working on a MemoryMoog re-issue and only giving some needed modern updates (maybe a patch name screen too) but nothing like the frankly stupid Moog One which is more like a computer tied to an average sounding 'technically analog' engine.

In the analog domain... TONE > Features... EVER. SINGLE. TIME.

Prophet 5/10 rev 4 are the best sounding modern poly synth keyboards (other than the smaller boutique makers like the River but even then I prefer the Prophet's tone) at a good price and great build quality. They sound basically as good if not better than the vintage ones and the new toys are a joy to use (poly unison, more voices, 2 diff fllter types, A/T, Velocity). Moog are sitting on a goldmine with copying Sequential with the MemoryMoog... as it stands right now the Prophet 10 particularly cleans up that end of the market on tone and feel alone, Moog One doesn't come close (big screens and tons of modulation do not impress me on analog synths), but if a MM was to come out? it would be a lot closer (i'd still prefer the prophet as I always did prefer that sound anyway but the MM would be great - do it moog!!).

Now if someone could basically fire all the staff at Roland's synth division and rehire some proper analog synth fans to give us a Jupiter 8 re-issue life would be complete... stick on a Model D (start making them again Moog don't be stupid) and it's game over.... Behringer etc can then go whistle with their tacky clones.
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