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Slim Phatty & logic 9 - Random channel soloing

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Slim Phatty & logic 9 - Random channel soloing

Postby jahbrother » Mon Apr 01, 2013 4:28 am

Ok so weird error. Got my SP hooked up to Logic 9, all is generally workin, apart from the SP seems to be sending data that is randomly soloing channel tracks in logic!

There seems to be no pattern to this and it even happens when the project Im working on isn't using the SP. So there's no arrange part or channel assigned to SP. Very frustrating. The only what to stop it happening at the moment is disconnect/powerdown the slim phatty - clearly not where I need to be!

Have updated to the lastest firmware - 3.12 -but no change.

Any ideas folks? :D
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Re: Slim Phatty & logic 9 - Random channel soloing

Postby Amos » Mon Apr 01, 2013 8:41 am

Logic is always listening for certain MIDI CC messages, which are mapped to Logic's own transport controls. There is a place in Logic's setup where you can filter out these MIDI messages, but unfortunately I am not enough of a Logic user myself to tell you where those settings are located.
Can anyone else supply the missing details?
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Re: Slim Phatty & logic 9 - Random channel soloing

Postby nectarios » Mon Apr 01, 2013 1:45 pm

In Logic Pro go to: Settings>MIDI>Input Filter> and click so that Control Changes is checked. That will disable your mod wheel as well, but you can program the patch without getting disturbed by Logic's effets. Once you dial the patch as you wish, un-check Control Changes to enable the mod wheel.

Works the same way with my Slim Phatty.
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