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SP with Live 8/9 work,but cant load 2 diff LP Editor presets

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SP with Live 8/9 work,but cant load 2 diff LP Editor presets

Postby quaresma » Wed Mar 27, 2013 3:11 pm

SP with Live 8/9 work,but cant load 2 diff LP Editor presets

After a few days reading a lots of different post, and many kind of tips, finally got it working the VST/AU from moog site, with Logic 9, Ableton Live 8 and 9 too. But had to do some tweaks in Slim Phatty unit configuration setup to got it working.

No way I could have it done using MIDI via USB, due the stuck note issue and had to reboot it so many times,
I only got it working using MIDI cables.

USB only worked for me to update the last firmware.

The last thing that is missing here, is when having two different tracks for example, with two different presets in each VST/AU, and how to load the right the preset in Logic or Live.

I have tried too many different configurations in the MIDI SETUP from the Little Phatty editor, and I just want to:

- Using Ableton Live 8/9 for example (as I am trying each one with exactly the same configurations and tweeks)
- load only the presets from the VST/AU LP Editor to the SP (dont want to manage the local unit presets from factory, only want to manage the presets from the panel active, the BANK/PRESET from the LP EDITOR)
- freeze the SP tracks( with External Instrument and AU/VST LP Editor, both inside a "Instrument Rack" )
- unfreeze only the one I want to edit
- after unfreeze the target track, what configuration needed to set in MIDI SETUP, from the LP Editor, to send the preset saved from there to the SP UNIT and activate the PANEL ACTIVE with the preset saved inside the LP EDITOR (PRESET button orange light set )?

The only thing I got almost near to what I want, was I got it to send the preset from the EDITOR to
SLIM PHATTY unit, but not the select one when saved before freezing.

For example, I have two presets, one is number 10 and the other is number 20. Both of them are freezed, and in SP unit I set the preset number 15, the factory preset inside SP unit, not the one selected before freezing from the Editor.

So If I unfreeze the track (the one where was saved with preset number 20 in the EDITOR), it will load the preset from the BANK successfully, but only according the preset number 15 or whatever preset select in the SP unit, I could not get it load the preset 20 from the BANK saved before freezing from the EDITOR.

And I got it almost working as I want, both in Live 8 and 9 versions as described above. Actually in Live 9 with the SP I got it working pretty good, with no midi delay at all, everything synced, automation recording perfect as it should and with no preset name/character bugs that happens sometimes in Live 8.

Also in Logic 9, was working pretty good, automation recording perfect, audio recording very synched, but does not even load the preset 15 for example, as describe above when using the same configurations in Live 8 and 9.

Any idea what configuration needed to be set inside the MIDI SETUP from the LP EDITOR VST/AU to have it done?

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