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MIDI control template for TB MIDI Stuff

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MIDI control template for TB MIDI Stuff

Postby scd » Thu Nov 29, 2012 7:48 am

Hi all,

For personal usage, I created a template with which I can control my Voyager RME and XL with an iPad when being in the studio but not in reach of the real knobs. And I thought I'de share the thing here.
It's created with "TB MIDI Stuff" which is a great iPad app with which you can control about anything that is able to send/receive MIDI (be it CCs, NRPNs or system exclusive messages) or OSC.
You can connect through a local WI-FI network or through a camera connection kit on your iPad with the MIDI interface that is attached to your Moog.

It's not as exotic as for instance "Lemure", but it has a much easier learning curve (and it only costs 4,49 €).

The template I created has about everything from the RME that has MIDI CCs assigned to it on a single map. It's a bit cramped but you can change that yourself of course.
The knobs on the iPad screen have a resolution of 128 steps, but you can define per controller the resolution for finetuning when double tapping on that controller: most of the knobs have a 2500 steps resolution, but again: you can change it to your own taste (the 14 bit resolution of most Voyager knobs allow a resolution of up to 16384 steps).

As you can see on the picture: I followed as much as possible the layout of the RME, except for the LFO and the master volume row. The small slider in the lower left corner is the mod wheel controller, to be able to set the MOD1 amount.
The four gray dots on the right side are buttons that trigger a MIDI note so you can edit and hear the result from your lazy chair.

MIDI out channel of this template is set to channel 1, but you can change that of course.

If you're not into this stuff and want adjustments for this template, please contact me through email or a private message and I will be glad to help you.
(Next thing I plan to do is adding parameters on a second page (or on a completely new template layout) with sys-ex control for menu items like the filter pole parameters and pot mapping parameters)

The template can be downloaded here:
TB MIDI Stuff can be found in the iTunes store

Friendly regards, Boele
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