Moogerfooger Power Supplies, Expression Pedals

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Moogerfooger Power Supplies, Expression Pedals

Post by thenick58 » Wed May 08, 2024 11:49 pm

Hi! I currently own the complete set of MoogerFoogers. I never really took the time to adequately learn how to use my electronic music equipment. Now that I’m about to relocate to another country, I’m downsizing radically and I’ve decided to sell the electronic music gear.

This is not a sales post. I’m conducting the sales through eBay. My questions have to do with which power supplies go with which MoogerFooger, as well as which MoogerFoogers included an Expression Pedal.

I’ve managed to figure out that the MF 104M Super Delay requires a 9V DC/400 mA power supply. I have another 9V DC/400mA power supply, but I’m not sure which item it powers — another MoogerFooger or the Theremin Etherwave Plus. The unenhanced MF 104M Analog Delay calls for a 9 V DC/400mA power supply, but all other MoogerFoogers simply indicate the 9V input. What is the proper mA level for these unmarked instruments?

Perhaps most importantly, where would I be able to acquire these power supplies? Sweetwater?

Some of you may be asking “How did I lose six power supplies?” I’ve been using a Voodoo 4x4 power supply for *all* of the MoogerFoogers, and the abandoned power supplies probably left in seek of a home where they would be used.

Thanks for your help.


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