Moog Murf 105M - Playing the Filter Bands?

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Moog Murf 105M - Playing the Filter Bands?

Post by autonomy » Fri Jan 26, 2024 5:40 am

hey there, finally gotten my hands on a midi murf and just waiting for it in the mail... the thing that tipped me over for paying such a pretty penny these days is this video at 1min25secs where someones "playing the filter bands".

ive downloaded the manual ahead of time but can't seem to workout any references to achieve that in there. i'm assuming it'll need midi functions? mapping a midi keyboard to the murf filters?

just wondering, anyone know how is that done or done it? or point to where theres a bit more of instruction on it, OR anything else cool to try with a murf while we're at it! can't wait.

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Re: Moog Murf 105M - Playing the Filter Bands?

Post by FeelinDank » Wed Jan 31, 2024 5:31 pm

So MURF filters can be universally raised and lowered in frequency a relatively little amount by using CV or certain MIDI commands, but it won’t be like the MF-103 or MF-101 where the frequencies of those filters (phaser is an all pass filter of sorts) move throughout many octaves audibly.

Anyways this demonstration is showing the “opening and closing” of the filter bands via MIDI. It’s basically instantaneously pushing each slider all the way up and all the way down upon receiving the right MIDI command. Also see this video:
At 8min 20sec he says “this octave here fires them individually”, that’s what’s going on. Your video the demonstrator is just doing them 4 and 4 at a time.

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Re: Moog Murf 105M - Playing the Filter Bands?

Post by stiiiiiiive » Thu Feb 01, 2024 5:56 pm

"Playing the filters" means opening and closing each of them completely through MIDI note on/off messages.
I don't think there is a wy to change their frequencies except choosing the range (bass/normal) or activating the LFO.

In the manual, I think you can search for the section describing IMIDI operations.

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