"Best speakers for Moog Subsequent?"

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"Best speakers for Moog Subsequent?"

Post by SangakaraMoory » Mon Nov 13, 2023 6:03 am

"I'm currently in the market for speakers to complement my Moog Subsequent 25 synthesizer, and I have a budget of $700. I'm torn between powered speakers and an actual keyboard amp. Considering the unique sound profile of the Moog Subsequent 25, which speakers would be a suitable match within my budget? Are there specific features or brands that I should be looking for to ensure optimal performance and sound quality? I'm open to any recommendations or advice you may have regarding the choice between powered speakers and a keyboard amp in this context."

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Re: "Best speakers for Moog Subsequent?"

Post by MaxFerency » Thu Nov 16, 2023 12:53 pm

Is this for studio use or stage or both?

If stage or both, just go with an amp. The Roland KC amps are create an durable (I have 20 year old one that's skill kicking): https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail ... yboard-amp

Otherwise, go with a nice set of stereo monitors. I have the 5" version of these and they are great. I'm sure the 8" are even nicer. you can get a matching subwoofer as well: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail ... itors-pair

In general, you'll get more power from an amp and more fidelity from studio monitors. Subsequents can provide both so it depends on what you want.
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Re: "Best speakers for Moog Subsequent?"

Post by VCO » Sat Nov 18, 2023 6:09 pm

The Roland KC stereo keyboard amps work well. I have two of them actually. I run my Moog Voyager,Sequential PRO 3 and Oberhiem OBX8 thru them. you can connect two amps together via a cord. They have multiple channels. One channel doubles as an XLR input for microphones. Mine is the KC 550. They have different models now . They increased the wattage. Mine is the older model. I’ve had it over 20 years and it’s still holding up well.

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