problem with my MF-104M

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problem with my MF-104M

Post by Iltocalt » Wed Nov 08, 2023 3:40 am


I've had my MF-104M for a few years now. Just recently whenever I adjust the feedback on the short delay setting it also changes the pitch. It didn't used to do that, and I'm pretty sure its not supposed to. Its Midi clock sync'd to Ableton Live.

Any ideas?

Thanks and Cheers!

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Re: problem with my MF-104M

Post by stiiiiiiive » Wed Nov 08, 2023 7:52 pm

Hi Iltocalt, welcome to the forum.

Well, first thing, try to disconnect it MIDI-wise and test if it still behaves weird. No idea why a MIDI sync could lead to that, but that's a starter and others may chime in with more ideas...

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