New Moog in the works? "LABYRINTH"

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New Moog in the works? "LABYRINTH"

Post by MaxFerency » Wed Apr 26, 2023 9:21 am

I was looking into discussions of the Mavis on this board same someone posted about the registration of the Mavis trademark about two years before it was released: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=35396&p=182364&hilit=mavis#p182364

Out of curiosity I checked again and they registered "LABYRINTH" this past January for "Sound frequency filters for controlling audio parameters by raising or lowering the gain of specific audio frequencies using a multiple resonant filter array and animating those frequencies using a built-in pattern generator." That sounds really interesting. Maybe riving some of the concepts form the MuRF in a new instrument? ... 62533.html
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Re: New Moog in the works? "LABYRINTH"

Post by stiiiiiiive » Wed Apr 26, 2023 5:33 pm

I remember the "Matador" name being registered at some point, too.
The descriptions seem to be, if notgeneric, general. This one looks much like the MuRF, indeed. Let's see what happens!

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Re: New Moog in the works? "LABYRINTH"

Post by Jaycee_NL » Tue May 02, 2023 2:28 am

Indeed, let's see. But whatever happens, I really hope that the next Moog synth will be something that *many* musicians want and can use. Not another Minimoog Model D like reissue of a decades old monophonic machine that is not interesting for the majority of users

I own 2 Moogs now since around a year or so and love the sound (minotaur & subsequent 25). But to be able to *really* use it in my productions, at least 3 voices polyphony are needed.

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Re: New Moog in the works? "LABYRINTH"

Post by VCO » Tue May 02, 2023 10:16 pm

Have you ever considered a PRO3. It’s paraphonic , has three filters, seQ, ARP, stereo outs , stereo effects . Ladder filter,OB6 filter, Prophet6 filter. 2 VCOs one wavetable OSC. Can sound vintage and futuristic. Not a true poly synth but
Not as expensive. Might work depending on your application. Moog doesn’t offer a lot of options when it comes to strictly poly synths. Sequential and oberhiem offer more price points and models. Prophet5rev4,prophet10 rev4,prophet6,OB6
oBX8, sequential trigon.

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Re: New Moog in the works? "LABYRINTH"

Post by FeelinDank » Fri May 05, 2023 3:14 am

Hmmm interesting find. I’ll bet this “Labyrinth” product is part of a “Phase II” for Moog semi-modulars. It seems they tested the waters with the Werkstatt, Spectravox, and early BFAM pieces. Phase I seemed to be Mother 32, DFAM, and Subharmonicon. Phase II starting with “left-handed chirality” / CV jacks on the left starting with the Mavis, and being more “experimental” in sound design then Phase I products were??

Gotta wonder if “Labyrinth” has some CV control over the sequencer itself, something the MIDI MuRF finally got (only really with MIDI control). I’m betting this is a real Moog product in the works. I doubt It’d be out in Summer 2023, but probably January 2024 for that NAMM show (all speculation on my part).

Is this Moog putting the Moogerfoogers into semi-modular eurorack format?!?
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Re: New Moog in the works? "LABYRINTH"

Post by johnstaf » Sat Jun 03, 2023 2:03 pm

The Labyrinth description sounds a bit like the Spectravox from Moogfest (that was never released).

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Re: New Moog in the works? "LABYRINTH"

Post by ummagumma » Tue Jun 06, 2023 7:28 pm

I hope it meets the approval of Jareth, King of the Goblins

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