Sub 37: 2nd osc not always playing the right note

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Sub 37: 2nd osc not always playing the right note

Post by Schtu » Sat Jun 22, 2019 12:24 pm

Hi there,

I've got my Sub 37 on Duo mode, with KB CTRL set to "Hi".

As far as I understand, if I'm playing 2 notes then the 2nd Osc should always be playing the higher note. This is sometimes true, but depending on what the 1st Osc is playing, the 2nd Osc sometimes simply plays the same note instead of playing the one it should do. FWIW I've got FDBK/EXT IN off as I thought that could maybe affect it.

For example, I put the following in the piano roll and then turned OSC1 and Sub off, so we are only hearing OSC2.


Here is what comes out:

As you can hear, when the lower note is G1 then the 2nd Osc plays G1 too. When the lower note changes to D2 then the 2nd Osc plays this too. However, when the lower note then changes to D1, the 2nd Osc suddenly plays A2 as it should. When the lower note is D#1 and also D#0 then the 2nd osc plays A#2 as it should, then when the lower note is C0 & C1 the 2nd Osc plays A2 but with quite a lot of bleed coming through.

Can anyone explain why this is? Thanks!

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Re: Sub 37: 2nd osc not always playing the right note

Post by RobustAmerican » Sat Jun 22, 2019 4:08 pm

Couple of things come to mind...

From the Manual:
With DUO MODE engaged, you can choose (per step) whether to enter one or two notes together. When two notes are played simultaneously, the sequencer captures two separate pitches. The KB CONTROL settings determine which oscillator follows which note.
The last bit that's in bold type is important here. The switch is just under Osc 2's octave knob.

2. Is the Sub 37 connected to anything else via midi or usb midi? Does it behave this way with no midi or usb connections? I seem to remember having an issue sort of like this a long time ago. I had inadvertently created a midi loop.

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