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EQ adjustments - seeking suggestions

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EQ adjustments - seeking suggestions

Postby dannymco » Tue Apr 02, 2019 6:50 pm

Hi - fell kind of hard for the E1, now have 2 of them. I like what I hear from them, but I agree with some others that the "pickup" part of the pickups (for regular playing, versus the "Vo Power" and "Moog filter" parts of the pickups) could be improved.

Have any of you compensated by using an EQ pedal? What adjustments did you make for clean, or fuzz, or other? Which frequencies did you boost and which did you roll off?

EQ is an admitted weakness for me - looking to learn from others who went the EQ adjustment route on their Moog guitars before me.

What did you do to compensate for the pickups?
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