Moog E1-M for sale in Portland, OR

The Moog Guitar is here. The revolution starts now!
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Moog E1-M for sale in Portland, OR

Post by cliffman » Wed May 16, 2018 7:10 pm

Since getting way off into the Vo-96, I've decided it's time to turn the Moog Guitar into cash. Which I need.
This is a hard-tail model, with MIDI (13-pin) output and a bunch of extras!
(I stocked up a bit when Moog discontinued the model, for future-proofing)
- Two footpedals, power supplies and cable
- 18 sets of .011 Moog strings
- Hard shell case.

Here's the Reverb add, feel free to PM me if you have interest. ... trings-011

I'd prefer local pickup in Portland, Oregon.
Sorry, but have no desire to ship overseas.

UPDATE: Guitar is sold

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