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Experimenting w/ String Gauges - Selling Individual Strings

PostPosted: Sun Apr 21, 2013 5:26 pm
by Croyote
I've started to experiment with different string gauges on my Paul Vo Moog Guitar since my low E from the Heavy Set suffers in the Piezo output and has a overly buzzy tone past the 12th fret. Note that these issues go away when I use Moog output alone, but since I prefer to play in stereo w/ both outputs and to intonate my guitar through the piezo out, I've had to make adjustments.

With the replacement of the bass strings from the Light Gauge set, my issues have gone away on the 6th string a la the .46 gauge. However, I'm not sure I like the tone and buzziness 4th and 5th strings - I have a "dynamic" touch.

One thing I noticed in this pack is that unlike the Heavy gauge the basses in this set were not wrapped with the blackish gray material that is on the ball ends of the heavy set to reduce vibration and rattle. Have any other users of the Light Gauge noticed this?

I'm going to be experimenting further with gauge swaps. Since the 6th strings of the Moog strings are not wrapped anyway (which annoys me-due to it's still prevalent rattle) I'm going to try out some different string bands and vary the gauge a bit.

For now, I have 3 sets of the treble strings from the Light Gauge available for sale. These will be available for $20 including shipping. PM if you are interested. I also will have 11 sets of the 6th string .52 gauge from the Heavy Set available for sale for $24 including shipping.

Re: Experimenting w/ String Gauges - Selling Individual Stri

PostPosted: Wed Apr 24, 2013 7:03 pm
by Voltor07
Could you use the 4th and 5th strings from the heavy set? Would that be a buzz-kill?

Re: Experimenting w/ String Gauges - Selling Individual Stri

PostPosted: Wed May 01, 2013 2:38 am
by Croyote
I"ve done this as of two nights ago . . . and the feel is nice, but there are some serious issues . . .

I now know (and probably should have realized earlier) why the E-string isn't wound in the black fabric at the ball end. The black fabric can easily thread and poof out with handling, the A-string of the heavy set is just about too wide to fit through; thus the A-string prone to getting stuck in the string channel while restringing.

This may result in the string being pulled across the saddle (as it did for me) while tuning up to original pitch for the first time damaging (bending/kinking the string) and potentially damaging the piezo saddle. I don't believe that it has fully damaged my A-string piezo saddle because I get a clear tone, but it is somewhat raspy. However, danger feels imminent and anyone who has adjusted these saddles a bit can tell you just how fragile and precarious they are.

My guitar still has the factory setup, which feels good, but it is impossible to intonate the A-string correctly. I am using a Peterson Stomp Classic and I can accurately intonate every string except for the 5th. The A - 5th however needs about another 1/4" of track to bring the string forward (shorten it's length) and be perfectly in tune with itself using the flageolet at the 12th fret compared with the fretted note. Note: that I did replace the kinked string for a new one.

I am going to reduce forward bow - straighten the neck a bit, and see if that helps. I am loathe to raise the string as I feel I am already almost dangerously too high for the Moog Pickups to work accurately. I am going to try a 5th string from the Medium set soon, and this will also result in more extra strings being sold. Lol.

I now believe it will be a necessity for Moog Music to get rid of the Graph Tech / Wilkinson system and find a way to incorporate the new Fishman Powerbridge system and it's variations into future designs and for retro fits in order to improve the overall guitar. More on this in a future thread.

Re: Experimenting w/ String Gauges - Selling Individual Stri

PostPosted: Wed May 01, 2013 2:45 am
by Croyote
3 set of Light Gauge trebles:

12 ct. of Heavy Gauge 6th strings .052s:

While I seem excessively picky regarding string gauge and tone . . . be aware that if you using only the Moog Filter out that the heavy 6th strings sound fantastic and I do recommend them if you are not using as a stereo guitar and if you are not as picky as me.


My suggested set.

PostPosted: Mon May 27, 2013 6:15 pm
by Croyote
Here's my current gauge:

.011, .014, .018, .026, .036, .042

I would love to use the wound .044 on my 6th string, but please note my previous post.

This gauge seems to get the most out of the piezo output. The heavy strings in the bass register just buzz way too much above the 12th fret.

My discussions with Mr. Vo have revealed that there may be a disproportion between the inner core to the outer windings on the Moog strings. He actually recommended using "Aurora" brand strings because of their excellent manufacture. He also revealed that the theory behind using heavier strings is that they work better with the electronics as the magnets have more metal to grab onto; but considering our discussion about intonation issues, etc. he stated that perhaps it was unnecessary to use heavy strings since the bridge provided the best sonic anchor overall.

I trust that there is something special about the Moog Strings and their theory behind winding the ball ends with fabric, so in addition to pursuing a clearer tone and better intonation I have decided to use a wound string on every slot. Since the Wilkinson trem balances the tension across all six strings, I think that one can use any gauge they like and feel satisfied.

This string gauge is very similar to that used by Stevie Ray Vaughn in his later years, and it allows one to bend extensively on all the strings. The downside is the cost and necessity of purchasing soooo many extra strings and all three sets.

Another downside of pursuing clearer tone and intonation is that I've had to straighten the truss rod and raise the individual strings height of certain strings to get the balance of perfection action and clarity. Now I need to raise the pickup height of the neck pickup since I get very little output from the neck pickup. The bridge output is nearly perfect.

A more expensive, but extensive solution to the buzz and intonation issues would be to have these guitars refretted w/ stainless steel frets that are very low profile. I've played guitars for years that have jumbo frets, and my ultimate determination is that they are more trouble than they are worth. I feel that there is a trade-off for extended fret life and clarity in bends, and that is playability and buzz. I would love to have my guitar setup with stainless steel frets that are as low as a fretless wonder.

I was also looking at the possibility of installing a Fishman Powerbridge in the place of the Wilkinson trem. There are a lot more options available in this style of bridge . . . everything from Wilkinson, to Fender, to Floyd Rose type bridges. Also the saddles are not as fragile, there is less wiring and parts are easier to replace. According to Mr. Vo, the bridge would have to be specially designed since the conductive coating on the Powerbridge may conflict with the magnets in the Moog Electronics. This is untested as of yet. He also said that he would have used the Fishman system if he could, but it appears that Fishman has released many new styles of the Powerbridge since the development of the Moog Guitar.

Update: Experimenting w/ String Gauges - Selling Individual

PostPosted: Sun Jun 09, 2013 3:10 am
by Croyote
I'm selling more sets of strings:
I have 2 sets of 3-packs (9-strings each - 18 strings all together) of trebles from the Light Gauge and from the Medium Gauge.

Light Gauge Treble Set :

Medium Gauge Treble Set

18 individual .052 low E-6th strings :

You will notice on the 18 ct. 6th strings I only have 12 pictured. I didn't update my pics since ordering two extra sets of strings. On the treble sets I have two more sets per gauge. If anybody wants to get them directly through paypal, PM me.