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LynchPerry - Ambient Rock

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LynchPerry - Ambient Rock

Postby Croyote » Wed Apr 17, 2013 2:53 am

LynchPerry is (was) a collaboration between David Lynch, a jazz session drummer from LA, and I.

I played exclusively Moog Guitar mostly through a pair of Bogners in Stereo.

These are demos from our rehearsals. These are very rough in that the studio had a lots of bleed and I was using an Blue Yeti mic and Garage Band. I fried my MAC before I could try to edit everything. Luckily I recovered these tracks from our email, and I'm really just learning to mix and edit using Ableton

We are currently on hiatus until I can gather enough amplification to keep up with his drums.

I think there's enough interesting sounds to satisfy the ear of a Moog Guitar enthusiast, so I posted it.

My favorite track is probably "Shadowlands" and I'm working on a solo version for my own soundcloud.
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