little phatty stage II vs minimoog v

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Re: little phatty stage II vs minimoog v

Post by ricknboogie » Sun Nov 06, 2011 1:06 pm

Some people can hear the difference, some can't. But, if you're one who cannot tell the difference between an actual analog hardware synth, and a computer simulated soundwave, that doesn't mean there is no differnce. My ears hear it, and the best way to describe the sound is 3D. There's a certain "real" quality that cannot be reproduced electronically. One of my favorite hardware VA synths is the Access Virus, and even that falls short compared to a Little Phatty in some ways, though the Virus is capable of so many more modulation parameters, the Moog just sounds "fatter" and more 3D. Plugins are even further away in comparison to the Virus. But, it's up to the individual musician to decide which type of synthesizer is best for their music- no matter the format.

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Re: little phatty stage II vs minimoog v

Post by namahshaman » Sun Nov 06, 2011 9:30 pm

I've used a Virus TI and every synth in Native Instruments Komplete 7, most of the Camel Audio VSTs, and several emulators, plus I've owned a microKorg, R3, Radias, and Nord Lead 2x . . . Then I got a Phatty, and ditched everything but the Nord. I've opened up several VSTs and played simple triangle and saw waves, comparing them to the Phatty . . . wow. My guess is that if you heard them side by side through a good PA, you'd have no problem seeing what all the fuss is about (I run my rig through 2 QSC K12s, 2 KW153s, and a Ksub).

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Re: little phatty stage II vs minimoog v

Post by FlametopFred » Tue Nov 08, 2011 5:00 pm

I like both.

I'm running Little Phatty, SE-1, Novation Supernova (virtual), Nord rack something and Waldorf Micro Q box. They all sound great and do different things in different ways. I can hear the differences - - but I like those differences.

Thankfully these are all small enough items to sneak into the house so that Mrs. Flametop Does Not Know.

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