hex files for dead phatty?

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Post by LektroiD » Wed Feb 24, 2010 3:30 am

Amos wrote:I did reply to your PM, asking you to email myself or Ryan... I am not personally responsible for tech support now, so I am not as responsive to tech issues as I used to be. I still try to visit the forum when I have time, so I can be of assistance in cases like this (and in happier times also) My apologies on behalf of the whole Moog team for your trouble. We'll help you sort it out.

Kind regards,

Amos Gaynes
Moog Music, Inc.

Hi Amos,

I understand this, and in my opinion, it is really not fair of Moog to expect you to carry this extra workload of a customer service representative as well as a software developer, on that token, I can understand how busy you are. I did contact Ryan initially, who replied and said he had attached the files, yet nothing was attached to his mail. When I asked for them, I heard nothing back. This was days ago.

I eventually got the v2.1 files from HHB in the UK, who repair Moog synthesizers.

Also, we do have a phone number if you need it... +1.828.251.0090. It's listed at the bottom of every page of the Moog website.

This number looks like a US number, I'm in the UK.

PPS) I'm working with the rest of the Moog engineering team to correct the underlying issue with firmware update. I expect a good result within the next couple of months.

After this experience, I will stick with whatever ships with the machine.

Amos wrote:Just checked your video; I think I see the problem. Very encouraging as other than the connection to the LP being made before clicking "connect" it seems to be doing all the right things. I've sent you full instructions via email. Hoping everything goes smoothly from here.


The problem is still evident whether plugged in to the machine or not. However, I called a repair engineer, who came to my home and found a hack within the software, inside one of the tabs not mentioned in the documentation. I think it was something along the lines of clearing data from the debugger. He performed some trick where he did this and managed to connect somehow. I'm not a PC user, and now he's taken his machine away. Albeit, I cannot recreate the hack on my Mac.

The files went over ok, and the synth now works with OS 2.1. However, this was all done by third parties, since I had no help from Moog themselves. This has cost money buying the debug adaptors, as well as paying an engineer to come to my home to do the repair.

I feel Moog should be held responsible, since there was no warning that the update could cause so much damage, at expense to the end user. This issue is well known to Moog, which is evident from browsing this forum. The absolute least Moog can do is offer some kind of credit to compensate for the expense, not to mention the stress.

I certainly won't be doing any more updates on my Moog LP.

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Post by jaahans » Wed Feb 24, 2010 9:29 am

Amos wrote: I expect a good result within the next couple of months.

I mean this with no disrespect, but how can it take months to fix critical bugs in a synth firmware? Lil' Phatty is not very high priority at Moog it seems.

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Post by Cicatrix » Fri Feb 26, 2010 11:32 am

You think this is bad try dealing with Motu.

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Re: hex files for dead phatty?

Post by dmunz » Mon Mar 26, 2012 5:35 pm

Was this ever resolved? I'm having the same problem with my debugger not connecting.

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