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how to connect and sync my lp to ableton step by step

Posted: Sat Jan 23, 2010 2:25 pm
by christophe.bruynseels1
hi guys just wondering if anyone can help me with this in easy words.(nederlands is welkom)
i am having problems with syncing and connecting my lp to my ableton
i messed around with smpte clock source to get the 2 going on the same lfo rate, but because i understand bleep i'm not able to fix this.

SO what's the point?using usb? or midi? i am using it with a motu ultralite mk3. my ableton recognizes the lp, but when i play on the lp just weird very low sounds come out, uncontrollable...when i try to record something with live it does nothing.

i really need to know what connections i have to make step by step in easy words because it's nice when you understand the terms but i don't. also like to know what i have to change in the settings of the lp and how i have to do the smpte syncing thing.

THanks in advance or however i should say this
christophe shitface

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 4:24 am
by anoteoftruth
I'm a bit confused on what you want to do?

What exactly do you want to setup in Ableton? Midi? Audio?

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 7:52 am
by alamilla
I'm not a 100% sure I understand what you're trying to achieve either but I will explain what I do in Ableton very basically:

first you have to create a new MIDI clip
then in the audio effects section below, you need to drop the "External Instrument" effect which can be found in the MIDI effects rack
select your MIDI In and Out channels and make sure they correspond to the LP's settings
trying drawing in a C1 note in your MIDI clip and then loop it
when you press play you should hear the LP playing assuming your settings are correct

you can have a lot of fun by dropping in further effects such as the Random Velocity and the Arpeggiator (which is far more advanced than that on the LP)

hope this helps


Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 11:44 am
by christophe.bruynseels1
i just want to use my lp with ableton. how can i make it possible to play a loop in ableton and tweak sounds with the lp and how is it possible to play a note on the lp and tweak sounds with ableton and most important how do i fix the clock speed thing
i'm sorry that i don't know much about this

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 7:26 pm
by anoteoftruth
hmmm... tweaking the LP through ableton? I'm sure there is a way that you could do this purely with Ableton (though I would'nt want to have to figure it out)

or, go the much easier route of just buying the Rekon VST editor. You should see it on the Moog products page.

That would be a ton easier.. its basically a software editor/interface that you can use in ableton or any DAW to control and edit your LP from computer... very handy for saving presets etc as well.

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 10:59 pm
by MarkM
I'm not sure about tweaking sounds from Ableton to the LP. But you would set Ableton up for the LP like you would a VSTi.
You would create a midi channel and under "midi from" select your connection to the LP. I have mine connected to a midisport 2x2. If you have an LP with usb I would look for that connection.
Then select your midi channel, making sure the LP midi send and Ableton midi from have the same channel.
Then on the Ableton/Phatty midi column make sure you have your outgoing midi routed back to your Phatty.
Create an audio column and have it's Audio From pointed to your audio input that the Phatty's audio cable is connected to.
To record a midi sequence double click one of the blank spaces in the Phatty's midi column . It should create something that resembles an audio loop. To activate it hit the arrow so it turns red.
Underneath the S (solo) is a clock-like symbol. Activate it so it becomes red.
Now if you play the Phatty, you should be recording midi notes.
If you want to record audio as well activate the audio column to record as well. Make sure you create a a loop for it like you did for the midi. Make sure it's little clock symbol is on as well.

Perhaps Ableton has a way to access midi control numbers for tweaking the LP. I am not sure.

Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2010 12:23 pm
by Amos
create a MIDI clip in Ableton - this assumes you have all your audio and MIDI in/out set up correctly as described by previous posters
at the bottom of the MIDI "Clip View" are three tiny circular buttons labeled "L", then (two tied-together eighth notes), and "E". These buttons select the clip's (L)aunch parameters, the MIDI piano roll, and (E)nvelopes. Click the E for Envelopes.

In the Envelopes view, you can select any MIDI CC from a pull-down menu, and create an automated change to this CC. If you record MIDI from the LP while tweaking knobs, it should record the knob tweaks in this same view.
The LP manual lists every LP parameter and its associated MIDI CC number (I think the appendix is called "How the LP Handles MIDI").

For example, if you draw an envelope for CC19, the LP filter cutoff will be automated by this envelope.

If you want to use MIDI from the LP knobs to tweak other plug-ins within Live, you might have to go to Preferences, MIDI setup, and select Remote = ON for the LP MIDI input channel.

To get Live to send MIDI clock to the LP, this is also in Preferences on the MIDI/Sync tab. Go to the device which is sending MIDI out to the LP, and select Sync = ON. Now Live will send its clock to the LP. On the LP, you will need to go to the Master menu, LFO Clock Sync and set to MIDI in order for the LFO to follow MIDI clock; if you want the Arpeggiator to follow MIDI clock this must be set per preset in the Master->Advanced Preset menu, Arpeggiator sub-menu, Clock Src = MIDI.

Hope this makes sense,


Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2010 9:09 pm
by alamilla
Amos, as you seem quite adept with Live, I have a question for you:

how do I automate the LFO rate of the LP in Ableton?
I know you can select a bank, sub bank and program number in MIDI clips but don't fully understand what to do
I need to change the LFO rate in steps ideally as well
this is to create an automated, dubstep wobble sound that is accurate and in time with the percussion
the LFO Frequency CC is 3 and the range is your standard 0-127 (so I'm assuming the rate is going to have to be set coarsely)

I've only recently started using Ableton for more than just beat warping, trying my hand at it with production
a very different way of thinking in comparison to Logic

Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2010 9:10 pm
by alamilla
and to add to that, how are patches changed from MIDI clips?

thanks to all you guys for helping me out

Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2010 12:48 pm
by christophe.bruynseels1
thanks to all you guys for helping me out with the simple midi matter.
thanks to Markm i understand a bit more on how to set things up because i looked at lots of places for solutions but never found one until now.
but i have still one problem.

to record a midi sequence double click one of the blank spaces in the Phatty's midi column . It should create something that resembles an audio loop. To activate it hit the arrow so it turns red.

i tried this but nothing happens, my lp doesn't make any sound, so recording midi is still a problem for me. i saw a couple of videos with a guy playing some loops in a clip and then he could change the parameters on the lp. is this midi recording?
sorry for the problems and again ...thanks

Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2010 11:11 pm
by MarkM
Midi recording only records midi numbers, not audio notes. Midi numbers/notes are not audio. Midi notes tell an instrument what to do. It's up to the instrument to produce the audio via the midi sequence. Midi notes can tell an instrument (i.e. your Phatty) what notes to play, and they can control other parameters such as cutoff. If you want to play back what you recorded, the midi sequence would have to be sent to the midi input of your Phatty. Hearing the results depends on where the audio output is sent. You could listen to your audio from headphones, or have the audio go into some studio monitors, or have the audio come back into the audio port of Ableton.

hi marc

Posted: Thu Jan 28, 2010 11:53 am
by christophe.bruynseels1
i still don't understand the midi from and midi to and monitor in and out and the channel settings. recording audio is not a problem but if i click some midi notes in the blank space of the midi column, lp doesn't make a sound. i connected midi in and out from the lp to my motu ultralite mk3. so i thought the right connection was. midi in: motu midi port channel 1 to little phatty channel 1. also i set up the arp rate to midi and the lfo clk source to midi (on the lp) but the yellow and orange light don't light up together and sync tab of the lp on in and output is turned to on.

Posted: Fri Jan 29, 2010 11:21 am
by lucky_strike73

ik heb een tijdje geleden tzelfde probleem gehad,
maar na lang zoeken heb ik de oplossing gevonden, om audio en midi tezamen op te nemen, dus ook dat je het geluid hebt van de LP

hier zijn de instellingen (probeer ze 1 voor 1 te doen), ik werk wel via een interface:
1: sluit interface aan op computer
2: sluit een jack kabel aan in de AUDIO OUT op de LP -> AUDIO IN van de interface
3: ga dan naar de Ableton instellingen:

AUDIO IN= Interface (bij mij is dat ua25eX edirol)
AUDIO OUT= Luidsprekers

4: sluit een midi kabel aan op de MIDI IN vd LP -> MIDI OUT Interface
5: MIDI OUT LP -> MIDI IN Interface
6: Ableton midi instellingen:
Midi ports:
Track Sync Remote
Input: Interface On Off Off
Output: Micro... Off On ON
output: Interface On Off Off

ziezo dan neem je uit het menu waar al de instrumenten staan een 'EXTERNAL INSTRUMENT', daarna stel je die in dat er vanonder bij MIDI TO: je interface is en bij audio from de aansluiting van de audio van de LP op je interface (dus dan moet je zien in welk spoor je speelt)

let wel op daje bij de LP instellingen LOCAL CONTROL op ON zet.

check my settings

Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2010 7:16 am
by christophe.bruynseels1
to fix the problem of my midi recording, recording audio works. these are my settings. i use a motu ultralite mk3 a little phatty and a launchpad

launchpad input: track on remote on
ultralite midi port : track and remote on
ultralite sync port : only track on
lp input: track ,sync and remote on

launchpad: track and remote on
ultralite (midi port): track on
lp: track, sync and remote on

to lucky strike: ik heb geprobeerd wat je zei maar ik kan de lp niet selecteren bij de external instrument track. ik ben zeker dat ik iets verkeerd doe maar ik weet gewoon niet wat.

Kind regards

Posted: Sun Jan 31, 2010 4:17 am
by anoteoftruth
to Amos... THANK YOU!

I figured out how to record midi/playback to the LP etc, but I've been completely lost on how to record/edit the knob tweaks etc... THANKS a TON for pointing this out! Helps me out wonders :D