Slim Phatty cntrolled by a Micromoog and/or Rogue

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Slim Phatty cntrolled by a Micromoog and/or Rogue

Post by cmfrick » Sun Apr 11, 2021 10:56 am

Dear Forum,

in my studio, i have a Micromoog, a Rogue and a Slim Phatty. It would be great if I could 'expand' the two vontage Moogs with the newer model. My issues are:
Micromoog and Rogue don't seem to go by the same CV/Gate standard, so it seems, I can't get to play those two over one keyboard?
The Phatty it appears only sends CV/Gate but doesn't receive it.
In my ideal world, my Arturia beatstep (1v/Octave) would trigger all three synths simutaniously, which would give me 5 oscillators and a mountain of possibilities. Is the only way to achieve this via Midi and two CV/Gate interfaces for the Rogue and Micromoog respectively?

Hope I made my issue halfway clear - thank you for any helpful advice!


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