Controlling Little Phatty Stage II with TB 303?

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Controlling Little Phatty Stage II with TB 303?

Post by ThomasEngine » Mon Feb 22, 2021 9:03 am

Hello all,
I own some vintage and more recent analog gear and have so far succeeded in syncing them successfully.
I have a TR606 drum machine that drives a TB 303 via Din Sync, and a trigger out from the TR 606 driving a Monotribe via the sync in. This setup works fine and I can get very creative with all the possibilities on hand. I've had a lot of problems syncing devices across MIDI in the past, and going all analog] s far more rewarding!

I noticed CV and Gate outputs on the TB 303's back panel, and was wondering how to drive my Little Phatty Stage 2 from the TB's sequencer. The idea would be to have the LP's sound sequenced by the TB 303.

I'm fairly new to CV and Gate and would like to know if this is possible before attempting this.

Also, to which inputs on the LP's panel should the TB's CV and Gate be connected (if this is possible?)

Thanks for your help!

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