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Official Parts List?

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Official Parts List?

Postby c0nsilience » Wed Jan 09, 2019 6:59 am

Hi All,

I've got a Little Phatty Stage II and the Value potentiometer is a little wonky. As such, I'd like to replace it. Does anyone have a part # or a value for this? It's a little different with the push/push functionality, so I'm not sure that it's a readily available off-the-shelf potentiometer.
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Re: Official Parts List?

Postby c0nsilience » Fri Jan 11, 2019 7:28 pm

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Re: Official Parts List?

Postby Ledbetter » Fri Jan 11, 2019 8:19 pm

Your best bet is to call Moog and see if they have any or can give you the specs. If you google it, you will see that the usual suppliers don’t have this part. Good luck.
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Re: Official Parts List?

Postby c0nsilience » Fri Jan 11, 2019 10:13 pm


Thanks! I've reached out to Moog and they want me to send the Phatty in. Bummer, because I'm fluent with both a soldering iron and electronics and would rather just buy the potentiometer than ship the Phatty to Asheville and back.
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Re: Official Parts List?

Postby B.Minor » Thu Apr 18, 2019 12:54 pm

I had the same problem with my Little Phatty. My "VALUE" rotary encoder had become wobbly and working inaccurately, that's why I contacted Moog support, asking them kindly...
a) ...either to tell me the type/vendor of a related spare part for that data encoder...
b) ...or to send me a shipping quote (to Europe) in case they'd prefer to sell that small component to me directly.

I just asked for any of those two options, as I'm an experienced technician, able to replace such components by myself. After all, the warranty has anyway expired in the meantime and it wouldn't have made any sense - especially for me as a European - to ship the whole gear across the ocean just to send it to the Moog factory because of a small defective part that needs replacement (and which in fact doesn't cost more than USD 1.50). :wink:

Unfortunately, more than one week later, there was still no reply from Moog support, even though they claimed they'd answer to customer requests within 3 working days maximum. I fully understand that Moog is a very small company with limited resources; on the other hand their reputation let's registered customers expect that they'd get a kind of minimum support at least. I guess, it would have taken only two minutes efforts for someone from Moog to look that particular part up in their database and to tell me the proper specs or shipping costs. And in case they don't appreciate to receive any questions about repairs anymore, just a simple answer to me would also have been sufficient. :roll:

So, after one week of wasted time I decided to choose plan B. After desoldering the encoder carefully from the related board and comparing footprint and dimensions with several datasheet sources, I finally found a proper replacement, offered by several international online shops like Mouser, Digi-Key and so on.

Now, for all of you, suffering from the same problem and looking for a proper replacement for the Moog Little Phatty "VALUE" encoder, here's the related spare part which seems to match (and also worked for me) best:
EN11-HSB1AF20 (TT Electronics: EN11 Series)

But as life goes, exactly that type (with the 20mm long shaft) was not on stock, so I decided to order another variant (with the 15mm long shaft) instead. Functionally it's exactly the same; however, just the shaft is 5mm shorter than the original - but still long enough to make the original knob fit perfectly:
EN11-HSB1AF15 (TT Electronics: EN11 Series)

Using the latter option, the result even looks more professional than before, as the original 3mm large gap between knob and frontpanel now gets finally reduced to about 1mm only, still leaving enough headroom to push down the switch button safely without touching the panel with the knob in any way. :o

Please take care when desoldering the defective component and when replacing it with a new one. You should exactly know what you're doing - some technical experience is required. You have been warned! :twisted:

But if you can achieve it: go for it! I can only draw the conclusion that I saved a lot of money - and the new rotary encoder works perfectly! 8)
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