Polychaining: The Phatt Bastard Project

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Re: Polychaining: The Phatt Bastard Project

Post by grenert » Sun Apr 28, 2019 8:25 am

Regarding the Slim Phatty possessed dial problem, I assume you are talking about dials randomly jumping around to different values. I had the same problem. I sent it back to the dealer, who sent it to Moog, who fixed it. It's been solid since then. If you have an authorized dealer or repair shop, perhaps they can do the same.

Sorry, I don't know what Moog did to fix the issue.
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Re: Polychaining: The Phatt Bastard Project

Post by stiiiiiiive » Sun Apr 28, 2019 9:01 am

My Little Phatty does that one time out of two when I go for a gig, never at home nor at the couple of studios I go for rehearsals.
BUT! More often than not, it does it during few (dozens of) minutes, then it seems to get used to it and stays steady. Just as if it needed to warm up. I remember observing it in july, so it's not exactly like warming up, though.

I haven't used any Slim Phatty in any other place than home, so I cannot tell.

I think this problem is related to any sensitivity to the current indeed, or more precisely to the electric system. I remember having had the problem once with a certain stompbox plugged on the same powerchain (and the LP audio going through it) . Changing the power chain of the stompbox did the job, as far as I remember.

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Re: Polychaining: The Phatt Bastard Project

Post by David Smyth » Sat Nov 21, 2020 3:08 am

I ended up getting the electrical engineer to have another look at both of my Slims and he hunted down/replaced/re-soldiered various shorts or damaged components (different issues for each unit) and now I can run my units perfectly again!

Just getting some replacement timber sides made for the sticky Little Phatty St. II and I will consider the poly chain restored, which sounds weird, but I guess they're slowly turning into vintage equipment.
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