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Did I get a little FLATTY instead of a little phatty ..Help!

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Did I get a little FLATTY instead of a little phatty ..Help!

Postby Krimson8 » Wed Mar 28, 2018 7:01 am


Just need to compare notes with Other little phatty Owners:

Just purchased an LP and immediately plugged headphones and started playing. Well I was expecting this powerful rich warm sound to come out of it , I guess I was expecting something like ....WHOMMMGG!!! but instead I got ...... troot. :( Is this normal out of the headphone jack?

I guess my question is doesn't the LP have any type of internal amplification? Do I necessary have to plug it in to an amp for that rich warm bass sound? Most of my usage with it will be to connect it to my computer for recording BASS ( I use Logic as a DAW ) I will eventually be doing some live stuff.

Pleas let me know what your experiences and recommendations are to get that rich warm bass out of my little FLATTY at this time. Thanks a million !
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