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Arpeggiator octave issue

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Arpeggiator octave issue

Postby moogarpeggio » Mon Jan 16, 2017 3:31 pm

I have the Slim Phatty for a few years and it is great.
The arp is too, very nice and works folloing the specs.
The thing i find strange, when you get an arp running
Lets say a2 c3 e3 mode back/forth octave 0
It plays a2 c3 e3 c3 so far so good, and keep the rithmic pattern in mind, 4 notes
Then we go to octave 1, back/forth
It plays a2 c3 e3 a3 c4 e4 c4 a3 e3 c3 this gives 10 notes.
This is not what i like, musicaly spoken, according the spec it is correct:
Up the hole pattern, including up the octaves, and down all the notes excluding the last and the first.
So i would like better, back/forth the pattern and then transpose the pattern an octave.
Is there a former firmware release where this behavior was an option to choise from
and the other option is this behavior: play (in our example)
It plays a2 c3 e3 c3 a3 c4 e4 c4 8 notes fits also in a 4/4 ritmic structure.
Thanks for reading, Dian from the Netherlands
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