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LP Tribute CV/Gate Latency Issue

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LP Tribute CV/Gate Latency Issue

Postby musosolus » Fri Dec 30, 2016 12:20 am

Hi folks. This is my first post - though I have been using Moog gear for many years. I found 1 post from 10 years back that addressed some of the issues that I am having - but a slightly different setup so I have created a new topic. Here is my issue - when driving the LP Tribute via Gate In I am getting a 20 to 24 ms latency in response time. I have tried driving my LP with a Mother 32 and a Korg SQ-1 - with the same latent results. As a test - I tried sequencing the LP via the SQ-1's MIDI out - and bam - everything is tight. A 3ms delay at most. So - I could just resign myself to using MIDI to work with the LP. But I am starting to experiment with more CV equipped gear - and plan on expanding further. Am I missing something here or is this a limitation of the LP? Incidentally - I am running version OS 3.12.680. Open to any and all feedback.


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