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Disappearing MIDI IN/OUT settings, no USB/MIDI working

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Disappearing MIDI IN/OUT settings, no USB/MIDI working

Postby detectiveoms » Thu Dec 01, 2016 7:04 am


I’ve been enjoying my Little Phatty for a while now.

But now, there is a problem.
All of a sudden, the MOOG receives and sends no MIDI, and in the Master Menu - MIDI SETUP: MIDI IN/OUT options have simply disappeared!
All I see in the MIDI setup: "All notes off / Local cntrl: ON / Midi Merge: OFF / Poly: OFF"

Several reboots/factory restarts haven’t helped.
Clearly, this was not like this before - I had connected with both USB and working MIDI, and the MIDI options appeared as in the manual....

I thought I should try to finally update the firmware (still was running 2, not 3 ;-) - but I can’t do that either, obviously, because now it won’t receive any MIDI… or USB !

I’m running with OSX.
It also doesn’t find the Moog as a USB-device in the Audio MIDI settings - previously, I had the USB Little Phatty in this menu..
I removed it, because it was now only ‘grayed' out, in parallel with the above problem - and I thought removing and adding again would help me do the firmware and hopefully fix the problem. And now it won’t find it again, despite many reconnects, reboots and rescans on my mac.

What should I do ???

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