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Slim Phatty in poly with Doepfer Dark Link

Posted: Tue Dec 29, 2015 3:07 am
by j1971986b
Salutations lads and ladies, I have a question that rather needs answering before I dump cash in unnecessary equipment.
A little bit before Xmas I stumbled upon the poly chain video of the slim on youtube and I kind of radically changed my gear lust overnight. I've sold my old stand alone keyboard synths and bought a couple of slims a minitaur and voyager rme. Anyway, that's all easy enough to set up in poly but I have a couple of mother 32s on the way too. The idea originally before I'd realised the slim doesnt have CV out was to use a mother per slim as extra voice and modulation and have the rme control the minitaur as sort of osc 4.
Anyway, is it possible to use both the slims midi through and out at once? If so would I be able to use a Doepfer Dark Link to harness the CV out and still have the polychain functional?
Cheers in advance