update issues and missing options...

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update issues and missing options...

Post by kloo » Wed Nov 12, 2014 2:19 pm

Hello, I'm Pascal from France.

I bought a Little Phatty stage 2, its firmware version is v2.21S in System Utilities I can read v2.2 593.

I've read the LP_v2-v3_Update_Instruction but in Master menu => Syst utilities I can't found "FW UPDATE"...
so I've read the LP Manual and I saw that, in Midi Setup, miss the Midi in and Midi out sections...
For me in midi setup there are only:
-All note off
-Local cntrl
-Midi merge

Any suggestions?

Thank you, sorry for my bad English.

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Re: update issues and missing options...

Post by Amos » Thu Nov 13, 2014 3:19 pm

problem with USB board, if it's a stage 2.
does USB work?

possibly the firmware update will "just work" if you send it- this is the case with Stage 1... you can't put it into FW UPDATE mode because it is always in such a mode, by default. So in that case you just send the update, you don't need to change any settings on the hardware first.

You may also want to contact Moog service about the USB board, if it's not working.



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