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Slim Phatty arpeggiator bug?

Posted: Thu Aug 08, 2013 9:06 pm
by Rabalder
Sorry for the bad explanation, but here goes:

When I use the phatty arpeggiator with ableton, there is a small lag at the beginning of a new note. The lag doesnt go away after its been introduced.. The only time it doesnt lag is when starting the sequencer after its been stopped. Overlapping notes does not create any lag.


I usually have the filter EG decay set very quick to make a click/stab at the start of all new notes. Its easy to hear the click is being "stretched out"(creating the lag) when a none-overlapping note appears for the first time.

At high tempos, my clicktrack is totally out of sync. Being a drummer, this is a big problem. I currently have to use the ableton arpeggiator, but Id much rather turn on the phatty arp manually while playing.

Why is this happening??????