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Post by gabestigmatic » Fri Apr 22, 2011 2:52 pm

Hey Moog Staff,

I understand that you want the new OS to be a huge improvement and not be buggy by releasing it "early". But I have seen it said several times that it will be released "soon". That was like a month or two ago. My question is, when is it going to be released? "Soon"? lol Do you all have an estimate of when it might be released?

Not only that but it seems you all have left the improvements shrouded in mystery. Can you at least let us know what the improvements will be?

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Re: LP OS3?

Post by Kenneth » Fri Apr 22, 2011 3:14 pm

I can't wait for the new OS! I wonder if Moog will release a new Stage model with the update? Either way, I don't mind too much not knowing. Surprises are great, especially Moog surprises!
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Re: LP OS3?

Post by djfood » Fri Apr 22, 2011 3:51 pm

pffff !! bullshit!! there is no improvements they are just cheating... what can a moog user will do with Pytagorean or Indian scale??
did they sale Moogs in India or in Egypt???
Im a French Revolutionar !
I want have some kind of Note Velocity or Volume control ... ALL synth have some cool ways to use velocity or Gate/cv call it what u want, for modulating amplitude or even filter cutoff and many more that make my life into sound
os3 or not im not going to play the flute for snake in India ???
who is taking the decisions in Moog corp?
it's us !!! with just one piece of gear you can pay one salarie during 3 weeks in order to improve something and you sale more units every day :!!!

It s a sHAME i mut pay 2 x 69 dollars to have to vst editior and library ..!!!
We want the vst editor and library editor FOR free . qs

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Re: LP OS3?

Post by Moogtard » Fri Apr 22, 2011 4:09 pm

One could use the CV from the keybed to modulate the LP's filter cutoff, or volume if they have the CV out mod in their LP. My big ? is if the new OS will be compatible with a Tribute edition LP.

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Re: LP OS3?

Post by djfood » Fri Apr 22, 2011 5:11 pm

when i think about all capable programmers out there making freewares and with all the thounsands dollars they make every day they still dont have good news for their customers pfff its like if i buy an audio interface and have to pay for the drivers or the mixer panel... Moog is stupid to give license to rekon for making their own apps and resell it to the customers .... vsti editor and library ... this is unbelievable... we are losing our interface panel editing soft and rekon makes money under the table !!! bizness as usual ! this is not in touch with the original Bob Moog' z Dezign of the device... at least ! ! !
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Re: LP OS3?

Post by osirus23 » Fri Apr 22, 2011 5:33 pm

I have read DJ Food's post before. I have to say, you never seem to make a lot of sense...

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Re: LP OS3?

Post by djfood » Fri Apr 22, 2011 7:53 pm


my boy searching for sense? ahh kool , im under the lights ... finally its mostly done >>> its' more a panic !! >>>,the fool is' under kontrol boy!
>>> it was originaly on the map for the technicians ... they have talk about a way to use the midi velocity generated by the keybed in order to re-route or make a digital gimmick for affecting in a way or another the volume (or can i say the amplitude ...)
>>> it' not the perfect way to alter the intenity of note but now we have no other choices... until buying a midi cv/gate .. thats not smart to burn money for nothing or at least what should be included in a synth in commercial version 2 already!
(englih is not my native tongue of course hould i mention this ? >>> im a french classic )


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Re: LP OS3?

Post by ketsut » Mon Apr 25, 2011 5:00 am

There is already a velocity control in LP for the cutoff, and like people have stated you can have the velocity controlling the volume as well with the CV addons.

So some people hate microtuning.. but I really want those scales bad! Is there some beta I could download? PM? plz :) I kinda bought the LP because of the OS3.. and now I'm a bit bummered that it's still not released..

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Re: LP OS3?

Post by Sore_Knee » Mon Apr 25, 2011 6:51 am

yeah, it would be nice to get the same features available in the SL in my LP but...

the lack of response here, and the fact they are moving shop probably means people are busy and things are getting prioritised.

or the os2 came with the LP2, os3 comes with a LP3???

either way, my guess they are busy. I'll wait.

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Re: LP OS3?

Post by Amos » Mon Apr 25, 2011 6:25 pm

Hello everyone,

I am packaging LP OS v3.04 for release, right now. It's done. Sorry it took so long.
Is it perfect? No, of course not... there are still features I want to add in v3.05 :mrgreen:
However, it's good enough to release as-is.

The only task remaining is to complete the update instructions and documentation for Mac and PC.
As soon as this is done, I will post the update files.

For the most part, OS3 brings the improvements which are already found in the Slim Phatty, to the Little Phatty series. Firmware v3.04 will run on all Little Phatty Stage and Stage II editions, and any Tribute Edition which has already had the EEPROM upgraded (as is necessary to run TE OS 2 or higher).

Changes include:

Alternative Scales & Scale Editor - up to 32 custom tunings can be saved in the hardware at a time, and tuning scales can be created and managed using the free Phatty Tuner software.

Big improvements to the Arpeggiator:
- arp can remain running while you change presets
- arpeg timing is improved; easier to play freely while preserving the timing of your pattern
- global "arp setup" menu allows you easily to change arp clock source, clock divisions on the fly
- LP can now output MIDI clock messages in time with the internal arp clock
- while arp is running, the keyboard can: (1.) output arpeggiated patterns of MIDI notes; (2.) output only the literal MIDI from playing the keys (for use as a controller, independent of what the arp is doing); (3.) output no MIDI notes.
- Arpeggio NOTE LENGTH has been reduced to 50% rather than 100%, as previous... this means you can use the GATE CV output of Little Phatty (with CV output option) as an analog step clock, which previously did not work so well.
- arpeggiator Latch on/off behavior is smarter and better; it's just easier to play and (in my opinion) altogether more intuitive now. :)

Analog response to several critical MIDI parameters has been improved: Pitch Bend, Filter Cutoff, Osc2 Frequency, for instance, all respond much more quickly and smoothly to MIDI CCs than in the past.

All "analog" parameters now respond to, and can send, 14-bit MIDI.

Sending 14-bit MIDI can also be disabled now (in case you don't like the hardwired 14-bit Mod Wheel and Filter Cutoff, as in OS2) :)

Sending CC7 from the Master Volume knob can be turned off.


OK, those are all the changes I can think of... I might have left something out, but those are certainly the highlights.

Kind regards,


PS) djfood makes perfect sense to me. djfood, I appreciate your suggestions. There is not volume velocity control in this version, but I'm working on it, for real...
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Re: LP OS3?

Post by nikola » Tue Apr 26, 2011 4:40 am

Thanks Amos ! :)

We will have 32 alternative tunings on LP, and a FREE scale editor on mac !!!

How crazy is that ? :) :) :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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Re: LP OS3?

Post by ketsut » Tue Apr 26, 2011 8:09 am

Wow, most excellent news! I was actually going to email amos about a beta version of 3.0.4 but now I'll just wait patiently until the final build is available.

Outstanding, thanks in advance, you just made my day :)

Sir Nose
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Re: LP OS3?

Post by Sir Nose » Tue Apr 26, 2011 8:26 am

"- LP can now output MIDI clock messages in time with the internal arp clock"

Can the LP now send a thru midi clock or just send it's internal clock out?

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Re: LP OS3?

Post by cliffman » Tue Apr 26, 2011 12:34 pm

Amos - Does this mean you've fixed pitch bend?

Sigh.My LP died last night, and I'm on the way to UPS to ship it in for RMA.

Hopefully you guys can uprev the firmware while it's in the shop :(

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Re: LP OS3?

Post by Amos » Tue Apr 26, 2011 5:29 pm

@Sir Nose: The Slim Phatty and LP Stage II (or Stage with USB upgrade) will merge incoming clocks to output. The Stage 1 and Tribute Editions will not merge incoming clock. The reason is that "merge" is handled by a whole second processor running its own firmware on the units with USB, where merge must be done by the main LP processor (in addition to all other LP tasks) on the older units.

@cliffman: Pitch bend response is much smoother/faster via MIDI now but it is not linearized. I think I initially underestimated how much effort this would involve. I'd still like to do it, but adding volume velocity sensitivity is higher on my list right now...


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