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Brian G
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Re: Post your tracks!

Post by Brian G » Sun Mar 13, 2011 1:49 pm

I posted this last year, but here it is again :)

Main theme is the Little Phattty TE
Other synths are the Voyager Model D and a Prophet 08.

MF 104SD and MF105, Lexicon MX200, recorded and mixed on a Roland VS2480VS2480 NYE 2009.

Sub woofer or rerally good speakers recomened :)

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Re: Post your tracks!

Post by TheStevenLasombras » Mon Mar 14, 2011 4:47 pm

Used a lot of Little Phatty and Moogerfoogers on my last release.

#1: ... ned-us-all
-Abrasive sound starting at 3:54 is LP through Freqbox, tweaking the Frequency knob.
-Keyboard layers at the end are LP and circuit-bent Casio SK-1.

#2: ... n-the-room
-used LP for bass throughout the track
-LP layers starting at about 4:10 are bass, the sort of distorted-cello-y sound is LP through a FreqBox, high notes through a MF-104, the sputtery octave effect mixed on the right side is LP through a Snazzy FX Mini-Ark.
Other keyboard layers: circuit-bent Casio SK-1 (through a Devi Ever Bit Mangler) and pump organ.

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