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Slim Phatty Volume boosts @ sequence record (FF400 - MPC 5k)

Posted: Sun Jan 23, 2011 6:36 am
by psr
I have my slim phatty connected via simple midi cable (midi in) to my MPC (midi out) and audio cable of SP out to FF400. I can play keys and noodle around and volume is just fine but when I hit record on the MPC to record the phatty part the the volume boosts a few notches on its own. I end up having to adjust the SP volume knob upward to the volume level and back down. Happens on the SP even when I'm recording a part from other synth... volume just boosts and requires me to turn it back down to get back to normal volume. Odd huh? Or maybe not? Anyone seen this before? any ideas?

Not sure how many of you use RME ff400 but there is a routing matrix that can be kind of confusing sometimes.... so anyways i dont think this is a SP issue. I swapped midi cables and ports on MPC to no avail. I eventually ended up taking the 1/4" audio cable out of the RME FF400 and putting it into the MPC's input thru and the volume was stable during record and playback.... Strange but it has to have something to do with the MAtrix in my RME FF400... must be routed to something somehow (I'll revisit that another time). But at least I know its not my Slim Phatty.

Re: Slim Phatty Volume boosts @ sequence record (FF400 - MPC

Posted: Fri May 27, 2011 1:52 am
by psr
Well after sending the moog back to factory for repair and issue persisting i found the answer was right in front of me... boy what a goof

The Mixer of the MPC5000 is controlling volume levels of external MIDI devices. Navigate to Mode > Mixer (Pad 7). The levels you alter here will transmit to your external device.

Done and done it works perfectly (although this is not a factor with my other synths it does affect SP so maybe others can benefit from my troubles).

Thanks Perry (Moog) & Sean (Akai Numark)

Re: Slim Phatty Volume boosts @ sequence record (FF400 - MPC

Posted: Fri May 27, 2011 3:24 pm
by Briman

As far as I can tell... the SP's Output Volume Knob controls it's MIDI Volume level...
NOT it's actual Audio Volume level!

So if you have the SP's Output Volume Knob set to say... 12 o'clock...
then... if it happens to receive any MIDI Volume (CC7) Command...
the SP's actual Audio Output Volume level will change to that MIDI Volume amount...
regardless of where the physical position of the SP's Volume Knob is set!

This can get confusing fast... especially if using it Live!

So far... my remedy is... to just set the SP's actual Output Volume Knob to FULL UP... and leave it there! (set & forget)
Any further Audio Volume levels can be set on your Mixer... OR... by your "Controller's MIDI Volume knob or slider"!

Brian :)

Re: Slim Phatty Volume boosts @ sequence record (FF400 - MPC

Posted: Sat Jun 25, 2011 12:28 pm
by psr
Looks like the new OS v3.1 for the slim phatty addresses this issue with midi cc output filtering where you can send all cc messages except volume message allowing you to keep control of the volume in your rig.