Slim Phatty Release Date?

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Re: Slim Phatty Release Date?

Post by CTRLSHFT » Fri Nov 19, 2010 12:18 am

Dear wrote:
CTRLSHFT wrote:If it makes anyone feel better about waiting, I got SN#60 and the LCD is crooked. :?

Contemplating on what to do about that, as otherwise it's flawless and awesome.

Curse you early adoption!

Ouch, how crooked are we talking? If the internals are anything like the LP, I believe the the LCD's may be soldered directly to the PCB. Hopes his didn't suffer the same fate.
About 15 degrees, really not that bad, but at any rate all is well and Moog's fantastic support has me on a road to resolution in no time. I'm sure this is a rare event and will be carefully looked at to prevent similar issues in the future. I'm sure yours will be sparkling. In every other way mine was, Slim Phatty is seriously one amazing little piece o' kit. I heavily considered sitting out on getting this fixed for a while it sounds so good. A little different from the Little Phatty. Good different. :)

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Re: Slim Phatty Release Date?

Post by HowardJones » Wed Dec 22, 2010 9:07 pm

dada wrote:
HowardJones wrote:
Dear wrote:
CTRLSHFT wrote:Mine shipped today from Sweetwater, keke.
Ugh, lucky Im still waiting on Sweetwater to ship mine.
Meanwhile "down under", first shipments won't arrive until mid-december at best.
Yeah but you've got nice beaches, lots of sunshine and get to have BBQs at Christmas
Hooray! My SP arrived, sn 00313. No crooked LCD - although the place I picked it up from had one on display and its LCD was skewed by a few degrees...

So now I have my SP and beaches and BBQs for Xmas. cheers from down under

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Re: Slim Phatty Release Date?

Post by psr » Thu Dec 23, 2010 1:20 am

Im impatiently awaiting my backordered SP from zzounds. the date has come and gone and no new eta. killin me.
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