Little Phatty Stage II USB issues

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Little Phatty Stage II USB issues

Post by Dikkie » Sat Oct 26, 2013 7:01 am

Dear people in the Moog forums,

First off hi to everyone :-) Hope to learn a lot more in the forums.
I wanted to talk about a problem I've been encountering for quite a while.
Simply put, my LP2 USB doesn't show up in the phatty's menu's nor does it respond to connection with a computer.
I think this somehow happened when I updated to 3.1, now I saw there was A new version (680 i think) which I wanted to try and install via usb, but it says in the manual that usb receive for the sysex is in (i think I don't know the manual by heart) the general tools/settings tab. When I browse through it theres no USB functionality. I think I might've updated with the LP1 firmware or something, is that possible? How can I get the functionality back, im missing this functionality greatly!




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Re: Little Phatty Stage II USB issues

Post by Viplay » Sun Jan 24, 2021 7:16 am

Hello, I'm desperate. :cry:

After years I decided to update the firmware of my LPII (v2.2 593), I tried the protocol described, that is to update first from v2 to v3, but there are a number of big problems.

1) My LPII is not recognized by the Mac.

2) In the MIDI menu of the LPII there is no possibility to select DIN / USB, the page does not exist. At all.

3) To update the firmware you need to select ON in the "FW UPDATE" page from the System Utilities. Well, there is no FW UPDATE page in my LPII.

Really, I'm desperate. Can anyone help me out?

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Re: Little Phatty Stage II USB issues

Post by pino » Sun Jan 31, 2021 9:04 am

I have the same problem with OS 2.2 (592)

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Re: Little Phatty Stage II USB issues

Post by B.Minor » Sat Apr 24, 2021 4:42 pm

Long ago I also had the same problem with the USB menu not being displayed in my LP SE II; however, I could solve it. In your case I'd try to apply the latest available USB F/W which is applicable to your particular Phatty model.

How to do that? Without entering any Phatty menu, just connect the MIDI cable (preferrably try a "USB-to-DIN" cable first) between your PC and your Phatty, start any application that can handle SYX files and transmit the proper USB F/W directly to your device. In fact, the F/W is made of a simple SYX file which should be recognized by the LP or SP without any additional intervention (if you're using the latest main F/W as well). Here are the links to the mentioned USB F/W from Moog support (and those links still work):

LP USB Firmware (V33): ... 8FzxJ6wiGo

SP USB Firmware (V34): ...

Caution: Only apply the proper USB F/W to the device you really own. Don't mix up "LP" and "SP" USB F/W versions!

As mentioned before, personally I'd also recommend to update to the latest main F/W 3.21 (with the latest build applicable to your device) first, even though other people reported that they have bricked their device. The main problem seems to be that no one reads the enclosed Moog instructions. Some users seem to have skipped the important step to apply a particular F/W update in between which is providing a new bootloader. After that, the latest main F/W 3.21 may be safely applied. At least I didn't have any problems by doing so. Again, please read the instructions carefully and you can't go wrong. Always reboot your device after each upgrade step. The "USB/DIN" entries should now be available again as MIDI options; the new F/W info (for both, main load/build version and USB version) can also be looked up in the related "System Utilities" menu.

Hope that helps. Good luck.

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Re: Little Phatty Stage II USB issues

Post by Zemog » Mon Nov 21, 2022 2:18 pm

Hey i´m having the same issue with my Slim Phatty, But i can´t download the LP_USB_v 34, those links are not working anymore. Do you still have that file? Please, i am desperate, and i called Moog support three times already and they are not being very helpfull

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