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Hello, I'm new, thanks for letting me join and a question

Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2019 8:09 am
by Violaman
Hi, my name is Julian, I'm 66, a retired professional viola player (39 years with the City Of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra) I decided to get a Theremin, as the arthritis in my left hand is beginning to affect my viola playing and I wanted to be able to keep on making music. Sorry if this is a long post for a first one!
I took delivery of my Etherwave Plus yesterday and, after tuning it, by taking the lid off, shorting the capacitor C28 and following the instructions I've managed to get it vaguely ok when the tuning knob is nearly fully clockwise. I'm not very happy with the sound, it's quite "ragged" at all settings of the waveform dial and there is an underlying note that is there, even when I grasp the volume antenna. It is also there when I step away from the instrument. I'm using AKG 450 headphones at the moment until a cable to connect it to an amplifier and speakers arrives. (that will be a Quad 303 and a pair of Q Acoustic 2050i's). The instrument is in the middle of my attic, as far away as I can get it from walls and electronics and is plugged into an extension cable. I'm wondering if there is an earth loop or something similar.
I'm awaiting delivery of the Pitch Extension Module ESPE01 by Thierry Frenkel, as recommended on Carolina Eyck’s website. I'm presuming that I'll have to re-tune it once I've installed the module. 
All advice would be gratefully received!
Many thanks, Julian.

Re: Hello, I'm new, thanks for letting me join and a questio

Posted: Sat Jul 13, 2019 4:09 am
by JimF
Hi Julian,

another user, Victoria323, posed a question with similar issues to yours, on the same day. See my response to that message, and my response to another user a few days ago - may be helpful.


Jim F.