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Many questions....

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 5:12 am
by caoer
I have bought Theremin Etherwave Plus via, the first thing I have got is an adapted that was not for theremin at all, but some other Moog instrument. It took 10 days to get another adapter.

Than I have the following problems today I have started for the first time:

1. The distance between the lowest note and antenna is very short. Even if I calibrate to the longest distance it is just 15 cm. Is that OK? seems to be to short.
2. There is a constant 50Hz sound, that is kept all the time. I never get pure sound, but distorted in a way (pitch + 50Hz pitch).
3. When i go down with the dynamics it is OK, until I touch the volume antenna, than it happens a buzz, high pitch, and even if I hold my hand on the antenna and move slightly, I get high pitch buzz.

What I am doing wrong?

Re: Many questions....

Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2019 5:44 am
by JimF
HI Caoer,

I don't have an EW+, only EW with my own hotrodding, but I might be able to help.

1) Distance should be somewhat larger. Sounds like an internal calibration problem, not front panel. Should be instructions in the documentation; it's a matter of adjusting one high-frequency inductor inside the box. Easy to do, but mark your starting point on the coil in case you get lost.
2) 50Hz: Check the earthing. EW Theremin power supply units in Europe are a problem; some years ago, I ordered a spare from the then German distributor of Moog stuff, and received something that was nothing like the photo on the website. The voltage and connector were correct, but it had no earth connection. A theremin needs an earth connection. So you may need to make some kind of makeshift - an alligator clip to the earth point on the wall or power board socket, and a wire from this to the earth (sleeve) of the audio out plug. This may fix your hum problem as well.
3) The whine on touching the volume antenna seems to be a characteristic of the EW series. Some are ok, many have this issue. Mine has it. My workaround was to wrap a few turns of insulating tape around a portion of the antenna - about 10cm near the front connector to the main body. This gives me a spot where I can 'touch' the antenna (volume 0) but without the whine.

Hope this helps. Happy touchless playing!

Jim F.

PS The then German distributor of the power supply wasn't very helpful when I posed the question at the time. The response I received was 'That's how they are, take it or leave it.' At the recent Theremin Academy Lippstadt, I saw a few people with a workaround similar to my suggestion.
PPS Re Lippstadt: you might like to look at

Re: Many questions....

Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2019 4:13 pm
by caoer
I have discovered finally the problem. I didn't have proper earth connection. It is pity that the EU adapters don't provide earth. I was very confused. The most of my problems have disappeared now.
Thank you!