Comparing B3 Deluxe and Moog Etherwave Standard

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Comparing B3 Deluxe and Moog Etherwave Standard

Post by itnithand » Mon Jan 07, 2019 5:28 am

Hello all!

I’m getting a Theremin for Christmas as I’ve been wanting to learn this notoriously difficult instrument for YEARS. My only question is which model to buy. I have a loose $400-450 budget, but would obviously prefer less. Money is less of an issue for me (the B3 is much cheaper) because I am looking for quality and being able to advance after basics.

I am a classically trained musician with some developed aural skills (I can play flute, piano, and basic violin and guitar) and am looking to build on aural skills as well. I love jazz pieces, but would also love to “convert” some of my favorite flute pieces to Theremin eventually, or just play tunes.

Basically- my ideal Theremin covers a wide variety of ranges, has the ability for expressive music, (either classical, jazz, or just tunes) and is capable of different timbres. Can anyone provide some input on which of these two instruments sounds best suited for what I’m looking for?? Or if there is another suggestion I have yet to mention, I’m open to that as well!

I am also considering the Peavey 20W 8” amp for either of these, if anyone knows about amps

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Re: Comparing B3 Deluxe and Moog Etherwave Standard

Post by Strelok_401 » Sat Jan 26, 2019 3:15 am

I can't help you with the theremin, but I've used that very same Peavey amp for a couple years and never had any issue with it. It does its job and fulfilled its task on a couple small gigs in bars, although I used it with a guitar and a bass, and not with a theremin.

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