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Advanced Settings Load from Presets Effects Mix - Um...?

PostPosted: Tue Aug 08, 2017 6:34 pm
by uncoolcentral
In the Theremin advanced settings, under "load from presets" I'm able to select yes/no for "effects mix" What does that do? I was thinking it would NOT load effects on presets if set to NO, but it always loads effects presets regardless of what I set that setting to.

On the other hand, (sort of a pun, right?) when I set scale/root to NO, the presets do NOT overwrite whatever root/scale I'm using. Similarly, if I set "correction amount" to NO, scrolling through the presets does NOT change the correction amount I've set.

...So, what gives? I'd like to be able to quickly switch to presets w/out having their effects settings change what I've got loaded, but only when I have "Effect mix" set to NO. (I.e. I'd like to have the ability to also set it to YES and get all the pre-programmed fx for each preset, too, sometimes.)

Thoughts? Ideas?

I know I could customize the presets to NOT have effects, but that's not the point; I like the idea of being able to globally turn them on and off. Possible?